With our management experience of more than 15 years, our understanding of being a leader in the service sector, and our teammates who can speak and write Turkish, Greek, Russian and English at the highest level, YANGROUP provides real estate consultancy, import and export services. We operate in the fields of export consultancy and investment consultancy.

As YANGROUP, we are an organization that provides professional consultancy services to our customers in various fields. Our goal is to help our customers develop their business strategies, increase their operational efficiency and maximize their success.

Expertise and Experience: Our team with a wide range of expertise has up-to-date knowledge and experience to respond to the changing needs and challenges in the business world. We guide our customers in strategic planning, business development, financial management, human resources, marketing, information technologies and many other issues.

Customized Solutions: Because each client's needs are different, we customize our consulting services to our clients' needs. By analyzing the goals and current situation of your business, we offer you specific strategies, plans and solutions. We collaborate to make your business more efficient, increase your competitive advantage and support growth.

Excellence and Quality: Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, aiming for perfection and maintaining quality standards are our basic principles as YANGROUP. Our professional approach, reliability and honesty enable us to achieve continuous success in our projects.

Strategic Partnership: We aim to establish long-term strategic partnerships with our customers. We want to not only provide consultancy services, but also guide you to support the growth of your business, adapt to changing market conditions and explore new opportunities.

As YANGROUP, we are here to add value to the success of your business and move you forward. In order to make your business more efficient, competitive and sustainable, we are at your side with our reliable consultancy services and our teammates who can speak and write Turkish, Greek, Russian and English at the highest level.