Education and Student Visa in Greece

Education and Student Visa in Greece

Education and Student Visa in Greece

The process of obtaining a student visa is important for international students who want to study in Greece. Greece is a country that attracts the attention of international students with its universities and educational programs.

Student Visa Application Process

    Acceptance Letter and Documents:To receive acceptance from an educational institution in Greece and to prepare the necessary documents.

    Visa Application: Application is made through the relevant institutions of Greece or the Embassy/Consulate.

    Biometric Data Provision and Fees: Biometric data such as fingerprints and photographs may be required to be provided. Additionally, a certain application fee must be paid.

    Evaluation and Approval Process: The process of evaluation and approval of the application.

    Beginning of the Education Period and Prospectus: In case of acceptance, the prospectus must be obtained close to the beginning of the education period.

Key Points

  • For an education visa, documents such as an acceptance letter, financial documents, and health insurance are required.
  • It is important that the application process is followed in a timely and complete manner.