How to Get to Mykonos, Greece?

How to Get to Mykonos, Greece?

How to Get to Mykonos Island, Greece from Turkey?

Mykonos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea famous for its magnificent beaches, lively nightlife and traditional Cycladic architecture. It is quite easy to reach Mykonos from Turkey. Here's what you need to know about how to get to Mykonos from Turkey:

1. Transportation by Plane

The fastest and most common method of transportation is airplane. You can fly from Istanbul to Athens or Thessaloniki and then take domestic flights to Mykonos.

İstanbul'dan Atina'ya Uçuş:

There are direct flights from Istanbul to Athens International Airport. You can continue from Athens to Mykonos with domestic flights.

Istanbul'dan Selanik'e Uçuş:

You can fly from Istanbul to Thessaloniki International Airport and then transfer to Athens. Then, you can reach Mykonos from Athens with domestic flights.

2. Transportation by Ferry

You can reach the port cities of Greece by ferry from port cities such as Çeşme or Bodrum on the Aegean coast of Turkey. From these port cities, you can travel to Athens or Thessaloniki and from there take a plane or ferry to Mykonos.

3. Travel Duration

Journey time may vary depending on the transportation method you choose and your departure point. Traveling by plane offers the fastest travel time and takes approximately 2-3 hours. Traveling by ferry may take longer and vary depending on the ferry route.

4. Required Documents

When traveling to Greece, do not forget to check the necessary visas and travel documents. A visa may not be required for citizens of the Schengen Area, but a visa may be required for citizens of other countries.

Mykonos island is an unforgettable holiday destination with its beauty and entertainment. Getting to Mykonos from Turkey is quite easy and offers many options for holidaymakers. A pleasant Mykonos holiday awaits you!

Note: Don't forget to check current travel rules and guidelines before your trip. You can also make your accommodation reservations with us in advance during periods when Mykonos is popular.