How to Get to Halkidiki, Greece?

How to Get to Halkidiki, Greece?

How to Get from Turkey to Halkidiki, Greece

The Chalkidiki region of Greece, famous for its beauties and historical riches, is a destination that you can easily reach from Turkey. How to get to this corner of paradise located on the shore of the Aegean Sea? Here's what you need to know about getting from Turkey to the Halkidiki region of Greece:

1. Transportation by Plane

The fastest and most common mode of transportation is by plane. You can fly from Istanbul to Thessaloniki or Athens. You can then go to Halkidiki by renting a car or by bus.

Selanik Havalimanı:

Thessaloniki Airport is the closest airport to Halkidiki. There are direct flights from Istanbul to Thessaloniki. You can get to Halkidiki from the airport by renting a car or by bus.

Athens Airport:

After reaching Athens Airport, you can transfer to Thessaloniki or Halkidiki. You can reach Thessaloniki from Athens by train or bus.

2. Transportation by Road

You can switch to Greece from Turkey with your own car or bus.

Araçla Seyahat:

You can enter Greece by traveling from Turkey by car. It is important to learn about border crossings and required documents in advance.

Traveling by Bus:

There are bus services from Istanbul to Thessaloniki or Athens. You can then switch to Halkidiki.

3. Transportation by Ferry

You can travel by road to Greece via Gallipoli or Çanakkale by ferry. You can reach Thessaloniki or Halkidiki.

4. Transportation in Halkidiki

Transportation in Halkidiki can be provided by options such as car rental, bus and taxi. Public transport facilities are also available in touristic areas.

It is very easy to reach the Halkidiki region of Greece from Turkey. You can start exploring this beautiful paradise by choosing from different options such as plane, bus, vehicle or ferry.

Note: Do not forget to check the necessary visa and travel documents before traveling to Greece. It is also important to follow up-to-date travel rules and guidelines.