Greek Cuisine

Greek Cuisine

Greek Cuisine: A Taste Adventure Full of Historical Flavors

Greece is a Mediterranean country famous for its ancient history, magnificent beaches and beauty. However, Greece has a rich cuisine as well as its historical and natural beauties. Greek cuisine is famous for its delicious dishes that combine fresh ingredients and traditional recipes. Here's what you need to know about Greek cuisine:

Olive Oil and Fresh Ingredients

One of the main features of Greek cuisine is the widespread use of olive oil. Olive oil is an indispensable part of almost every meal and adds a rich aroma and taste to dishes. Fresh vegetables, herbs and seafood are also staples of Greek cuisine. The use of fresh and seasonal ingredients increases the flavor and nutritiveness of the dishes.

Appetizers and Cooked Meals

An indispensable part of Greek cuisine, appetizers are shared plates where different tastes and flavors come together. Appetizers such as taramosalata (anchovy egg paste), dolma (grape leaf wrap), tzatziki (yogurt cucumber sauce) form the beginning of the meal. In addition, cooked appetizers such as goat cheese with garlic sauce (saganaki) are also frequently preferred.

Seafood and Fish

The fact that Greece is by the sea ensures that seafood and fish occupy an important place in its cuisine. Seafood is cooked and consumed in a variety of ways. Seafood such as calamari, mussels and shrimp are included in different recipes from appetizers to main courses.

Gyros and Souvlaki

One of the most well-known dishes of Greek cuisine worldwide are gyros and souvlaki. Gyros is a dish prepared by cutting doner meat into thin slices and putting them in pita bread. Souvlaki, on the other hand, is made by cooking pieces of meat (usually chicken or pork) in a skewer and served alongside.


Greek cuisine is also rich in desserts. There are various desserts and cakes such as baklava, milk semolina dessert (galaktoboureko), yogurt desserts (yaourtopita). Desserts are usually sweetened with honey, walnuts or almonds and garnished with fresh fruit.

Greek cuisine offers a taste adventure full of historical flavors. Meals prepared with a combination of fresh ingredients and traditional recipes offer unforgettable experiences to your taste buds. If you visit Greece, don't forget to enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.