Golden Visa in Greece

Golden Visa in Greece

Greece Golden Visa Program: A Chance to Have a Second Home in Europe

Greece is a Mediterranean country located in the Aegean Sea, famous for its beauty. While Greece's historical and natural riches cause many people to choose this country for vacation, it has also become an attractive place for investors. Greece draws attention with the "Golden Visa Program" offered specifically to investors who want to live and travel in Europe.

What is the Golden Visa Program?

Greece Golden Visa Program is a program that provides foreign investors who will invest in large amounts with a residence permit in Greece and thus free movement to European Union countries. Under this program, investors get the opportunity to own a second home in Greece and provide a long-term stay in this beautiful country.

How to Apply

To apply for the Greece Golden Visa Program, certain criteria must be met. There are two different options you can invest in under the program:

    Real Estate Investment: You can apply for a residence permit by purchasing real estate in Greece worth at least 250,000 Euros. This way you can own a house or commercial property in Greece.

    Investing in Mutual Funds or Companies: You can also get a residence permit by investing at least 400,000 Euros in a Greek investment fund or at least 400,000 Euros in a Greek company.

What are the advantages?

Greece Golden Visa Program offers many advantages to investors:

  • Possibility to own a second home in Greece and to visit the country for a long time.
  • The right of free movement to the member states of the European Union.
  • The opportunity to discover the beauties and cultural riches of Greece.
  • The opportunity to live and work in Greece.

Things to Consider

For Greece Golden Visa Program applications, certain documents and conditions must be met. The application process and required documents may change from time to time. It is important to consult up-to-date information and consultancy services before applying.

Greece Golden Visa Program offers a great opportunity for investors who want to own a second home in Europe and gain freedom of movement. This program is a very attractive option for investors who want to protect the historical and natural beauties of Greece and explore the country.

Note: Visa programs and investment conditions may change in the near future.