Greece Honeymoon Visa

Greece Honeymoon Visa

Greece Honeymoon Visa

Honeymoon visa, which is a special type of visa for couples who want to travel to Greece for their honeymoon, may be required for romantic holidays.

Honeymoon Visa Application

  • A marriage certificate, travel plans, accommodation reservations and documents showing financial status are usually required for a honeymoon visa.
  • In addition, a special travel program or itineraries prepared for the honeymoon may be presented.

Application Process and Documents

  • Applications are made through the relevant institutions of Greece or the Embassy/Consulate.
  • Documents such as marriage certificate, travel plans and accommodation reservations must be submitted when applying for a honeymoon visa.

Key Points

  • Honeymoon visa must be supported by marriage certificate or documents showing marriage preparations.
  • It is important that the documents in the application process are accurate and complete.